Executive Board & Officers 

Every year, we carefully pick new members for our pledge class - smart, caring, energetic individuals who will represent our Fraternity with pride and exemplary character traits. We are excited to welcome each and every member and are happy to provide endless opportunities for friendship, leadership, and scholarship.


Maximus Rusi,

Chapter President 

Hello, my name is Maximus Rusi. I am currently a 2nd-year electrical engineering major here at UC Davis. Originally, I didn't see myself joining a fraternity but it ended up being the best decision I've made since coming to Davis. The experiences and lessons I've encountered have been really enlightening so don't be afraid to reach out to me if you're interested!


Gabriel Hernandez,

VP of Communications &

Social Director 

Hi, my name is Gabe and I'm from Ontario, California, I'm a biological sciences major and have had the privilege to get the position as VP of Communications/Social Director. I keep the fraternity archives and media updated. I also reach out to other organizations. I love Blink 182, The Strokes, and collecting vinyl. If you have any questions reach out to me! 


Andrew Gunlock, 

VP of Member Education

Hi, my name is Andrew Gunlock, I am an aerospace and mechanical engineering major. I am from Japan and recently moved to San Diego. I am involved with HyperLoop Team for SpaceX on campus and the reason I joined Alpha Sig is because it’s an opportunity to find a brotherhood that elevates you and your dreams. I enjoy soccer, fencing, and skating! 


Derek Rosales,

VP of Growth &

Social Director 

I’m Derek Rosales, I’m an electrical engineering major (class of 2023) and I am the VP of Growth and co-social director here at Alpha Sigma Phi! I’m originally from Concord, CA, a town in the East Bay Area. In my free time I love to play guitar, skate, go on hikes, and hang out with the brothers.


Connor Ison, 

VP of Philanthropy and Community Service 

I’m Connor and I’m a third-year transfer student studying biological sciences. I like listening to music, going on hikes, and hanging out with friends! Personally, I wasn’t sure about joining greek life but I can say that it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made since coming to Davis. The brothers have truly made me feel like I have a second family and I’m thrilled to see what’s in store for this year!


Ben Tai-Brownlee,

Chapter Vice President 

Hi, I am Ben Tai-Brownlee and I am the Vice President of Alpha Sig. I am a second-year studying aerospace and mechanical engineering. I am originally from Montana and I love to play sports.  Reach out if you have questions!  bgtaibrownlee@ucdavis.edu


Terence Chow,
VP of Rituals and Traditions

Hello! My name is Terence. I’m from Queens, New York, a second-year history and American studies double major and the Vice President of Rituals and Traditions. The reason why I joined Alpha Sig is to better myself as a person, find a brotherhood that embraces who I am, and defend what makes the fraternity unique through its history and traditions. I love traveling, camping and cycling, and I want to visit all 50 states and all national parks in my lifetime!


Jackson Beam,

VP of Alumni and Family Relations

I’m Jackson and I’m a first-year mechanical engineering major and the VP of Alumni and Family Relations here at Alpha Sig. I really enjoy watching movies, listening to music, going to the beach, videogames, and hanging out with friends! I always knew I wanted to join Greek life, but Alpha Sig stood out because of the brothers in the chapter and how fun they are! I can’t wait to see where the chapter goes and how the brothers grow alongside it.


Tejas Lotay,
VP of Standards

Hi, my name is Tejas Lotay. I'm a second-year mechanical and aerospace engineer that moved here from Seattle, WA. Before then, I lived in Montreal for 2 years and Toronto for 3. I've learned a lot from my time in Alpha Sigma Phi, and I'm excited to learn so much more.


Brandon Jimenez,

VP of Finance 

Hello! I’m Brandon Jimenez, a third-year managerial economics student from San Bernardino, California. Some of my hobbies include stock trading, Reddit, eating good food, and hanging out with friends. I am the Vice President of Finance of Alpha Sigma Phi and I hope to build financial stability for the fraternity.